Guy Ghazanchyan’s color palette is rich and intense and his way of handling the brush, the palette knife or the "drippings" shows more individuality from one painting to the other. The contrast between drawing and painting is very accentuated in his paintings and that gives a real interesting aspect to the works. The figures have volume and he also composes and mixes abstraction to the figures in an interesting way. I like the way he works the background too. His figures have individuality, personality, and give a deeper sense of reality; he does not have a stereotypical way of painting which makes the works less “flat” and superficial. His way of applying the color expresses tension and suggests the idea of something much more masculine. I also like his way of mixing reality, identity and idealism: the figures seem real and thus they are not recognisable but still they are unique and all have an identity: he holds the viewer between these three worlds. I think Guy Ghazanchyan’s works have depth, richness and maturity.
Daniela Grüninger
nternational Expert in Modern and Contemporary Art
It is a very impressive exhibition. The title "AKANates” (“mine witness”) is very accurately chosen. Each work tells about different episodes of the evil war, bringing to the attention of the viewer the catastrophe, absorbing and taking to those days. I am very impressed and excited. Thanks to my dear and talented friend Gay for this enormous and deep work.
Kristine Sargsyan
Art critic
I am impressed, dear Gay, with your inner world, your works and great power ...
Mayis Mkhitaryan
I find it very important that the works of an artist clearly express the times when he lived. Time should not pass him by, beyond or below. The title of Gay's series is AKANates, but he is also a witness not afraid to portray the horrors of the war. Congratulations. It is wonderful.
Vahram Martirosyan
Gay Ghazanchyan’s AKANates series is a formula, leading us to find the key of the door to the tragic present of our people; it signals that it’s time to come out. 44 is enough, there won’t be more...
Gayane Hovhannisyan
Art critic
Under the torrent of frozen, petrified, frightened, surprised, angry looks, a person gets only one thing not to run away from these scenes. There are scenes in the eyes of the portraits that were real, we have only heard about them. The witness of all this were those who loved our homeland more, we owe the witness forever. The witness stood like a mountain and did not hesitate. The witness gave his life for us to live, but we must continue to live what was left unfinished. The witness gave his life for us to live, but while living we must continue what was left unfinished. We must live to spread their heroism and preserve it for the future generations. Well done dear Gay, you are fighting your own battle and you are still to win a lot of battles. You should live so that the work of the witness goes on in your art.
Ghazar Mirzoyan
Gay dear, I have known you since you were a student, it was not by chance that you were given the best diploma, E. Isabekyan Award. Now, I am very happy to see a new grace and an established artist, who still has a very interesting way to go, I am sure that the way will be full of success, for the glory of you and our homeland.
Aram Isabekyan
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